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Exdale Light Railway: 7mm Narrow Gauge (0/16.5)

The Exdale Light Railway is a fiddle yard to terminus layout built in an L shape and measures approximately 14 x 5.6.
It is a fictitious line somewhere in middle England originally built for the transport of minerals but extended to accommodate passengers and general freight too.

Minerals are brought down from the hills and are shipped out from the lower wharf sidings by a canal.
A works complex exists opposite the station to service the operations of the mineral company and the engineering needs of the railway.

Being freelance in conception the period setting of the layout is somewhat elastic to accommodate the varied interests of the members.

All the buildings and scenery have been scratch built by various club members. The locomotives and stock used belong to individual members.
An extension to this layout is currently being built and futher details can be found in the projects section.

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