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Our current layouts
We currently have a number of layouts that we exhibit and these cover a variety of scales and interests.
We are also working on a new long term OO Gauge project and further details can be found in the projects section.

Chilton Stowford
N Gauge

In the Spring of 2011 the club started work on a new N gauge layout called Chilton Stowford. more...

Exdale Light Railway
7mm Narrow Gauge (0/16.5)

The Exdale Light Railway is a fictitious line somewhere in middle England originally built for the transport of minerals. more...

The Circle
OO Gauge

A large circular test track used on our regular running nights. more...

Past layouts
There comes a time when a layout needs to be either sold to make room for new layouts or needs to be broken down to provide parts for building a new layout.

OO Gauge

This layout is an extension to the club's OO gauge layout Rugeley. more...

Pacific & Great Western
HO Gauge

The Pacific & Great Western Railroad is set in the Pacific North West of the United States of America. more...

OO Gauge

Rugeley is a fictitious cross-country junction located somewhere in the West Midlands. more...

Nobs Crook
N Gauge

Nob's Crook is almost certainly worth a few penalty points on our artistic licenses. more...

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